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How to resolve chokingFirst, try to breathe or swallow, then maybe say a few words

If you can still breathe normally, swallow, and/or talk, you are probably choking but not completely. Don't be afraid if you aren't fully choking and can still breathe and talk, if this happens, drink as much water if you can find any in large swallows or swallow your saliva. Your throat will probably be very sore, but keep drinking and waiting, the food should either slip through or dissolve in a few minutes. If the object is bigger than an inch in diameter and is not food or is not dissolvable, seek help by showing your hands on your throat and alerting people with hand gestures. If you are aware that you can't talk and are fully choking, get help, if there is no people around or near, try doing chest thump's on yourself by putting your hands in a fist position and your thumb onto your stomach just above the bellybutton.

Another thing you can do is lean forward on a chair and let your weight fall towards the chair and push down on the chair.

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If you are choking, it is recommended that you raise your arms up over your head. You should also let someone know that you are choking.

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Q: Should you put your arms up if you are choking?
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Why do you have to hold your arms up when choking?

Its part of the accepted sign that you are choking. Actually, you want to make a chopping motion towards your neck.

What are the steps you should take if they are choking?

Look for the signs of them choking like hands around throat Lock hands and put them between the belly button and the ribcage Next pump your lock arms into his or her stomach not hard so it hurts them or not to soft to where you cant get it out but just the right power to get what their choking on out of their esophagus. then check to see if their OK and if they don't feel right then call the hospital.

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Where would ou find heimlich maneuver in your house?

The heimlich maneuver is not a thing. You use it to stop someone from choking. stand behind them, make a fist with one hand, put your other palm on top of that hand, put both hands on the choking persons breastbone then push up and in quickly. do this as long as they are choking.

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