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i would if u pulled any muscle in your body apply heat to the area and after a week or so you should feel better, if not go see a doctor it could be something else. Hope this helpsss :)

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Q: Should you put heat on a pulled groin?
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Should you put ice on a pulled groin?


How do you know if you have pulled your tendent?

you put heat on it.

Should you put heat or ice on a pulled muscle?

ice defintly because heat relaxes it ice numbs it and gets rid of pain or something i used to weight lift and run track

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When should you put ice on something and when should you put heat?

When in doubt, use ice. Most injuries cause swelling and inflammation of the tissues, and ice will help that. Heat is best for tired muscles.

What precautions should be taken when exercising in the heat?

Put on sun cream!

Should you put heat on a sore back?

Yes you should it helps the pain I have a really sore back too and the heat pack is really helping

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you should put a hot rag on your back

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How long do you put ice on a pulled muscle?

Every time you pull a muscle, it stretches it so it will hurt. Putting ice on it will help the muscles go back into its former position. You should put ice on your injured leg evey time you pull it, but it really depends on how much you have pulled it to determine whether or not to put ice on it.