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Put a bandaid on it for a couple of days and then it will come off easily.

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Q: Should you pull the toenail off your big toe if its barely hanging on or leave it alone?
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How do you regrow toenail?

You leave it alone, keep it clean, and dont cause any trauma. Sometimes you cant regrow a toenail. Also, Believe it or not. soaking them in water promoted growth of toenails.

Do you tape on the old toenail until it falls off?

No, you'll make it worse. Just leave it alone.

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What should I do with a broken toenail halfway across. Should I just leave it alone while a new nail grown underneath?

You should get medical advice from a doctor. I had a similar condition and I let it go. The new nail grew in fine but that is no guarantee that yours won't become ingrown or infected.

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What can give you a brown spot on toenail?

Sounds like you hurt your toe. If you dropped something on it, or slammed it in some way that could give you the spot. Leave it alone. If gets larger it means that the nail will eventually come off. Leave it alone. Don't try to clip it or take it off.

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