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Yes, as long as it doesn't cause you pain, moving your fingers will help with your circulation.

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Q: Should you move your fingers when your arm is in a cast?
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If arm is to elbow what is hand is to?

It should be fingers

What should you do for sore arm after iv?

you should not move that arm just rap it up in a bandage

Arm is to elbow as hand is to?


What would cause a sore arm and numb fingers?

Whipping your arm 100 times then getting a truck to run over your fingers.

How do you say good morning with hand or another?

Hi: 2 signs actually - (good) with palms up, move the back of the upper fingers to the inside of the lower fingers, and (morning) touch the inside of the arm at the elbow and raise the other arm by bending at the elbow (palm up - like the sun rising)

How do you arm vibrato?

When you do the vibrato, you must ensure that your wrist and fingers do not move at all. The arm vibrato can be achieved when you move your arm at the elbow. The part of your hand above your elbow must be moving forward and backward together. For violins, the vibrato needs to be at a rapid speed while for the viola, the vibrato can be slower. Make sure that your vibrato can be heard!

What are the symptoms of a pinched nerve in the arm?

Numbness in the extremity of the arm concerned, hand, fingers.

If your arm gets cut off will it grow back I ask because i know your fingers will just wasn't sure about the whole arm?

No. And fingers don't grow back

I can move my fingers but if i move my thumb it tingles Also my arm is swollen and it hurts like hell to grip things. Is it broke?

I am sorry to tell you but no it is just a riped muscle and if i were you i would go to the hospital to get it checked just in case.

Does numbness in left arm to two small fingers mean Tia?

i just woke up with my left arm tingleing and numbness all the way to fingers, any anwsers?

How do you move and position an arm properly?

What arm?

Sleep with your arms bent cause ache in arm fingers?

yes it will because you will get pain in your arms and fingers if you do it often.