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Spiritually: Do you want your relationship blessed by God? If so, then be very careful how you act. Statistically: it something like 80% of people who live together never end up married (if that is what you ultimately want).

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You should wait before moving in with a girlfriend shortly after a divorce. Waiting helps you know that you are making the right decision.

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Q: Should you move in with your girlfriend shortly after there divorce?
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Can you move in with your girlfriend if your divorce is not final?

Yes, there is no law that says you can not.

My divorce was not finalized and he got his new girlfriend pregnant can I sue?

No, you have no grounds to sue. You have suffered no damage by the girlfriend's pregnancy. Apparently, your divorce is in the works so you can't use the pregnancy as grounds for divorce. You should proceed with the divorce and get a child support order in place as soon as possible. Otherwise, you need to let it go and move on with your life.

Can i move after filing for divorce?

You should probably wait until the divorce is finale.

How should you get your girlfriend to kiss you at 10?

Make a move

What if a spouse won't move out after divorce is signed in IL?

The divorce should have included a motion to this effect, otherwise not required to.

What should you do if your girlfriend of seven years left you for her sorry exhusband?

Find your next girlfriend and move on.

How do you get back an old boyfriend who has a girlfriend?

You should not. Just face it. you need to move on.

How can a girlfriend cope with an hot tempered guy?

she shouldnt. she should get rid and move on.

Husband wants a divorce in Texas Wife does not want to leave her home?

Then the husband should move out.

You really love your girlfriend you want her back but she has another boyfriendwhat should you do?

Unfortunately you have to move on.

Should you get back together with your girlfriend?

if you really love her

What you should do if your girlfriend has another boyfriend?

Move on, kick her to the curb, and find someone better.