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Generally men make the same mistakes over and over until they learn from them (and some of us take a very long time). If you want to stay baby free this isn't the boy for you kiddo.

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Q: Should you leave your boyfriend who inpregnated someone before he met you?
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Should you ask someone out four days after breaking up with your boyfriend?

i would give it about a week to let things settle before you start going out with someone else. but it all really depends on how ready you are to move on before you you do.

Can someone eat you out if you a virgin?

yes, my boyfriend did it before our first time.

If a girls says she sleeping with your boyfriend. should you believe it?

i think that if a girl says that you should ask your boyfriend first before beliveing it

Should you tell your boyfriend that you hung out with another guy?

If you are hanged out with another guy, you have no boyfriend anymore. You should have told him before, not afterwards.

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How long should you live with your boyfriend before getting a proposal?

There is no set amount of time one should live with their boyfriend before getting a proposal. This is a subject a person should discuss with their boyfriend.

Your ex-boyfriend txted you twice after your breakup and asked to hang out with you one more time before he moves what should you do?

leave him don't talk to him move on and find someone else

How old should your daughter be before you let her have a boyfriend?

at least 16

Should I ask my boyfriend if he wants kids?

It is a discussion you should both have before you decide to marry.

You are 12 and have a boyfriend but you have a B- should you break up with him Is he distracting you?

It depends. If you had good grades before you got that boyfriend, then he is distracting you.

What if your true love is dating someone else behind your back?

Hmm then we have a problem you see if your boyfriend/girlfriend dating someone behind your back and saying there not well thats called cheating so I think you should break it off before he/she does.

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That is for her to know and you to not. it was zac but someone first.. i am not saying who it is