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It should not be full. I would eat a small amount of food before and after. It you have too much food the mushrooms won't have a strong effect.

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Q: Should you have a full stomach on magic mushrooms?
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Is it better to run with an empty or full stomach?

Neither. You should have something in your stomach, and settled, but you should not be full (you will get sick) or empty (your stomach will cramp).

What happens if your stomach feels full after eating just one meal?

Your stomach should feel full after eating a full meal. This is the norm, if you eat a snack and you're full, it might be a bit worrisome, but being full from a full meal is just fine.

Can medications be taken on a full stomach?

Some should be taken that way, some should be taken on an empty stomach. Follow the directions given by your doctor or pharmacist.

When should you restrict drinking more water?

You shouldn't. Unless if your stomach is full.

Why are there bumps inside YOUR stomach?

Your stomach may just be abnormally full, however, if this condition persists you should definitely ask your doctor about it.

Why does your stomach distend?

Your stomach can become distended when it is full of food, or if it is full of gas.

Can you buy magic mushroom spores?

Mushrooms don't have seeds, they have spores. You can order them online from sporeworks[dot]com. It is a little tougher than growing plants, search PF Tek on Youtube to see the process. Sterility is KEY.

What is magic Johnsons whole name?

Magic Johnson's full name is Earvin (no middle name) johnson.

How long does magic mushrooms last in your system?

Usually, one gram of dried mushrooms is considered to be a dose. However, there are many factors that determine how much you need, such as your weight, your experience and the potency of the mushrooms.

What is full stomach?

When you're full! Geddit?

What is magic Johnson's full name?

I do believe his full moniker is Earvin Johnson

I have done shrooms twice and haven't tripped either time What could be the cause of this?

For whatever reason, some people report not experiencing the full effect of magic mushrooms during their first times. Perhaps not enough of the substance was taken to elicit a psychedelic state. (Also, edible mushrooms are sometimes sold as magic mushrooms.) Another scientifically unproven hypothesis is, because the user does not know what to expect the first few times, the effects are less than when the user knows what is coming. The psychedelic mindset may be easier to reach with lower doses for one who has already experienced it.