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I have a boyfriend and i am in 5th grade. I think it is alright to have a boyfriend but not to be to serious. You can hang with him but don't go to far. I hope this helped! :-)

Im in 5th grade, and LOTS of people have boyfriends...Even my best friend :-( I don't though. This guy really likes me, and I like him, but we don't know how to ask each other i guess...Good luck

You should i have one and it makes me so happy he is so sweet but if u do like really dont go to far he'll stop liking u Ur only in th5th grade just hold hands and hug nothing more
Unless you ask the girl.You might be luky.Or you might not.Because they might say your smelly or things like that. tell me if you did and my gmail acount if you want more infermation email me?

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Q: Should you have a boyfriend in fifth grade?
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Where to kiss your boyfriend in fifth grade?

on the cheek

How to get a boyfriend im fifth grade?

Befriend many guys and you'll probably meet a boyfriend material

Should a fifth grader have a boyfriend?


What do you do if your friend is flirting with your boyfriend in fifth grade?

Fifth grade? Here is some advice. You shouldn't have a boyfriend!!!!!! Oh and talk to the friend of yours who is flirting with your man. And make sure he is aware so he can let's say "mock" here.

How do you get your fifth grade Boyfriend to kiss by the way you look?

dont kiss in 5th grade. you only get your first kiss once(:

Is it normal to not have a boyfriend in fifth grade?

Yes! Many people don't get boyfriends or girlfriends until they hit high school, and sometimes, not even until college. It is not a requirement that you have a boyfriend in fifth grade, just wait until you meet that special someone :-)

What to do when your first boyfriend in fifth grade asks you out to an Valentine's Day dance?

As long as you do not have another boyfriend and you still like your first boyfriend at least as a friend then go to the Valentine's Day Dance and have fun. If you already have a boyfriend then you should only go to the dance with your present boyfriend.

How should you act at a fifth grade dance?

Be yourself

Should you have a boyfriend in 3 grade?


Can a fifth grader have a girl friend?

im in fith grade i dont have a boyfriend cus im a girl but lots of boys in my grade have girlfriends so you can

How do you embrace with your 6th grade boyfriend?

you should not have a boyfriend in sixth grade .When you get older you will look back and think wow was i stupid

How do you attract boys in fifth grade?

You dont. Plain and simple. What do you expect to be doing as a 10-year-old with a boyfriend?