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Depends. I would definitely confront him about; whether or not you slap him is a matter of personal style. You would certainly be justified if you did slap him.

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Q: Should you go up to a guy and slap him because he used you?
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What should you do if a guy says i love you but you overeact?

slap him silly

What does it mean when a guy slaps but calls it a pet slap?

A guy should not even lay a hand on a girl like that period. A pet slap is more like a bitch slap. Dont let him do that to you cause then hell never stop.

How should you hint to your friends to set you up with a guy?

cheeky slap on the bum

How should you confront a guy that you are upset with because he cheated on his girlfriend with you?

Did you not know he had a girlfriend? If he was hiding it from you... i'd say slap him/kick him in the balls and let his girlfriend know what he did.

Can a girl slap a guy?

No, physical violence is not an acceptable way to resolve conflicts or disagreements. It is important to communicate respectfully and address issues calmly rather than resorting to aggression.

Is a guy allowed to slap a girl on the face?


You besfriend made out with this guy who you really like and she knows you like adore this guy should you hate this best friend and i told her before i will hate you if you ever kiss him ironic eh?

Yeah I say slap ur freind Yeah I say slap ur freind

Why do guys slap a girl's ass during sex?

It turns on the guy, and possibly the girl

Do Mindless Behavior date thick girls?

No i think they shouldn't because thick girls are smart and have mind behavior and a girl should have a mind guy and they would slap u silly a lot. does that answer your question

Is the slapchop guy in jail?

Slap chop my nuts he is

When a guy tells a girl you need that mando?

Slap Him.

Why would a guy slap you on your stomach playing around?

just incase your pregnant id doubt that ^ most like that guy was trying to feel your stomach or maybe because he likes you