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That would depend on your relationship with your mother-in-law and your husband's relationship with his mom. Will she be receptive to hearing negative things about her son and will she be willing and effective at discussing the issue with him. You have to weigh the pros and cons.

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Q: Should you discuss your husband being a verbal abuser with his mom?
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How do you tell if your husband is considered a verbal abuser?

Please see the links below.

Is a verbal abuser considered a sociopath?

sometimes a verbal abuser can be consider a sociopath they get involve and like the dirty talk and begin to make them feel and enjoy group talk that is abusive.

What do you do when a verbal abuser distorts your reality such as you are sexuality?

Get rid of them and get counseling.

If your husband threatened your girlfriend on the phone to stay out of our business should you stay in the marriage?

Verbal abuse wears many forms. Isolating you from your friends is a form of control freakery. If this is an isolated event, you may overlook it, forgive, and forget. But if this is a repetitive behavior - he is an abuser.

How do you stop verbal abuse in marriage?

You try to discuss the issue calmly and set new ground rules, so to speak. But if this fails, especially over and over, it may mean that you are involved with an abuser, and usually they don't change.

Can a verbal abuser be arrested?

No I dont think so, but if he verbally abuses you then maybe its time fo you to get out of the relationship.

How can a potential abuser how can you get help?

Get into batterer counseling (even if its verbal/ emotional abuse) ASAP (NO Anger Management - that does NOTHING for abusers)

Does a verbal or emotional abuser wait anxiously for their victim to screw up so that they can attack them for it?

Yes, that's a reasonable speculation.

Cohabiting verbal abuser may you sue for damages?

Answer I've never heard of anyone being sued for verbal abuse. If it was physical abuse, I could see you taking that person to court, but for verbal abuse, throwing that person out of your house is about the only thing you can do, legally.

Is it common for the abused victim to be smarter and better looking and more socially accepted than the abuser?

Yes. But it is also common for the abuser to be all of those things. Abusive realtions are common, physical and verbal, romantic and non.

Discuss how non-verbal compliments verbal communication?

Non verbal communication is often employed with the use of facial gestures or hand gestures, and they can nicely compliment verbal communication by adding to the other persons understanding of what is being conveyed.

If you become drunk once a year are you an Alcoholic and if you call someone a name once every five years are you a verbal abuser?

No, you are not an alcoholic if you get drunk once a year and you are not an abuser if you call someone a name once every five years.