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Things have changed in our modern world and it doesn't seem to matter if the girl calls the guy, but personally, I feel you should have said, "If you want to talk to me, you phone me!" Don't make it easy for him. For now, give him the call, but tell him if he wants to talk to you or ask you out in the future he is to call you and you have no intentions of running after him! Let's see what this guy is made out of. Good luck Marcy

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Q: Should you call a guy you're dating if he asks you to and you like him a lot but you're not sure how much attention to give him?
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Should you worry if your boyfriend asks out your bff?

If you're currently dating and he asks out another girl that's HORRIBLE. Dump him.

In gay dating how do you know who should ask for the date?

Gay dating is extremely egalitarian. It doesn't matter who asks whom for the date. It shouldn't matter in heterosexual dating either.

What do you do if a guy asks if youre OK and youre not?

just say you are not okay and he will ask you do you need any help, then pour yourself out to him.

What should you do if a boy asks you out and a week later he tells people you aren't dating?

Confront him, if he really liked you he would be wanting to tell people that you are dating.

What should i do if a friend asks you to go out with them while you are dating someone else?

Tell them you are already taken.'nuff said

How long should you date a guy until you kiss him if you Are 13?

you might be dating but he might not of asked you out. wait untill he asks you out or he go's in for the kiss

What does it mean when a girl asks you why you are dating them?

She's probably asking you if you're dating her for the body, the reputation, who she is, or a combination.

What can you say if someone asks you if you have a life as in they ask in a friendly way?

You say : Do you have a life ? And smile or if youre texting put a :) or ;).

What does your girlfriend mean when she asks for attention?

she means shes jealous because you r paying attention to another girl

What does it mean when a girl you're dating compares herself to your ex?

sometimes it will be about her wondering if you still have feelings for your ex and where she stands but sometimes it could be for attention when she asks next or mentions something dont say it rudely just say cant we not talk about this im not with her im dating you at the moment and it doesnt matter.

What if a girl you're dating asks you about another guy?

your done son

Do you have a chance on dating prince Michael Jackson if his cousin asks him out for you?

Probably not.