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NO. Not if you don't want and if you feel uncomfortable with him touching you tell him to stop. But If you want i dont see why not. just make sure what his intentions are.

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Q: Should you be touchy feely with a guy that is touchy feely with you too?
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When i kiss my boyfriend it's started to get more touchy feely what does this mean?

It means your getting more serious. You may not feel it but the guy is sexually attracted to you. So which means it's hard for him not to have sex with you. Are you prepared for when he lets himself free?!?!?! Then if your too young, don't go to his house.

A guy is gettin all touchy feely with my friend and she doasnt like it but she is too shy to tell him should I tell him to backoff?

i think you should tell your friend to be upfront about what she is feeling?if you gonna tell anything to that guy,what if he insults you,will you be able to take it and this way that guy obiviously can get wrong view about you,you shouldn't poke your nose where it is not asked,did you friend asked you to tell him that? and moreover you should encourage your friend to handle her problems herself,today you are with her,tomorrow whos gonna be her mouth,she has to be strong,instead of giving her a mouth ,you should try to give her support and strength to deal with it thanks

Would a Scorpio and a tauris make a good couple?

It doesnt matter as long as they love each other

If a girl is touchy feely with you does she like you?

Not necessarily. Some people are naturally touchy-feely with others as a way of expressing friendship or comfort. It's important to consider other aspects of her behavior and communication to determine if she likes you romantically.

If a girl you are dating wants to invite her male friend could that be a bad sign?

Not always. If that happens, try not to be too suspicious and be nice to the guy. That's what I would want my guy to do. (She could want you to met him because she think you'll be good friends.) If you know that they were friends before you two were then no. They could like each other but they are most likely just friends. If she met him after you then watch for signs. If it is obvious that they treat each other like brother and sister then don't be worried. If they have inside jokes or seem very touchy feely then you should worry.

How do you let a guy know you just want to be friends?

This is very touchy. You need to tell him that you value his friendship too much to risk losing it over a failed relationship, were you two to date.

What are the bad and good signs in a relationships?

The bad signs r mostly when a guy asks you to talk that means he is going to break up with you in which case it can be a bad or good sign depending on if you like the guy or not another bad sign is when he stops talking to you as much as he used to and he puts of things which means he is cheating. If your friend and him meet but say they dont like each other at all but they keep sharing glimpses and smiling that means that they are probably going to start dating depending on the guy or friend your with. The good things is when he compliments you and he gets touchy but not too touchy to touchy equals perverted. Thats all for now!

How does a person go about cuddlin and what is it?

If you're uncomfortable about it, don't worry. Its a very natural thing one you get in the feeling. I used to feel the exact same way, and sometimes I still do, but when the ime comes, its all fine. Its very touchy feely, so don't go too fast, and remember not to try to rush into "dangerous territory", or else it'll put a big halt on it

How do you strip a man naked?

If you want to make it as sexy as possible, then start by making out. Then maybe you'll start getting all touchy feely and stuff. If you slowly take off his shirt first, he'll probably start to get the idea. From there, just start taking off his clothes if it seems to be going ok. (they'll like it if your takin of some of ur Clothes at the same time too ;) )

What are the strengths and weaknesses when working in a group?

strengths: like to be around people and have fun interpersonal people usually are involved in clubs and school activities. weaknesses: touchy feely and may get distracted easily! hopefully that helped! (:

Should you hug your boyfriend?

YESS !!! hug himm. dont bee afraid. But do NOT be pushy and too touchy . but definatley evry now and then hug him and make him know you still aree into him.

I think there is a guy that likes me should you ask him out?

Only if you like him too.