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Recent research has linked marijuana use with an increased incidence of cirrhosis (liver scarring) in patients with hepatitis C.

It is unclear whether this is a cause and effect relationship or if patients with hepatitis C who use marijuana have more advanced disease.

There is some scientific basis for why cannabis could cause worsening cirrhosis.

For the time being specialist doctors caution patients with hepatitis C against using marijuana (in any form: smoking and oral intake) until more information is available.

Even moderate amounts of alcohol can be devastating to a liver with hepatitis C over time and patients are usually advised not to drink any alcohol.

As far as we know smoking cigarettes has not been associated with worsening liver cirrhosis. Smoking is bad for your health in many other ways.

Dr. Tom Guzowski (Gastroenterologist and Internist)

University of Alberta

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no you cant although there is that slim 1% chance but probally not likely

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Q: Should you be smoking marijuana with hep c and cirrhosis?
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