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no that's so idiotic.

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yes because you neve r know if they like you

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Q: Should you ask to someone if you can kiss them?
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What should you do when you kiss someone but they don't kiss you back?

Ask her what's wrong.But before you attempt to kiss her,ASK HER!

Should you ask someone if you can kiss them?

No, you should leave it as a suprise and go in for it.

Do you kiss them when they ask you?

you should only kiss someone when you feel ready to. If someone asks you and you don't think your ready, don't kiss them

What does it mean when your crush says hush to you when your was talking to someone?

it means they want to kiss you so you should ask them out and if they say yes grab her and kiss her!! Hope it helped!

How should i kiss my aunt?

flirt with her and ask her if its ok to kiss her

What do you have to do to kiss someone in pussy?

Ask her politely if she minds!

How do you get your ex to kiss you if you still like them?

Ask someone to dear him to :)

What are some question to ask someone you love?

ask about there life at the end of your date kiss them

Im 13 i never kissed a boy should i kiss a friend or should i wait and kiss a boy i like more then a friend?

don't just kiss someone to kiss someone wait to find someone you really care about

Should you apologize when you kiss someone?

I answer this with a checklist of questions to ask yourself. If one of these is no, then yes you should. 1. Are they single? 2. Do you love them? 3. Do you plan on asking them to date you?

When should someone have first kiss?

13 but if no one will kiss you call me on 0447273684

Is it better for a guy to initiate the first kiss or should he ask her for the kiss first?

I would ask, that way if she doesn't want to kiss you, you won't be embaressed. let him do wahtever he wants(: