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I belive so. But if your a girl and you want to kiss him, go ahead. im a girl and if the guy made the first move that would make me blush like never before (but i would kiss him back) lol any way i say wait until you both understand that you want to kiss each other.

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Q: Should the guy make the first move when kissing a girl?
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How do you kiss a girl for the first time on the lip's?

the first few months that you start kissing her should be special. make it last 5-10 seconds(but the first time=NO TONGUE!!) most girls dont like that. take it slow and dont pressure her to make-out!!!

How do you encorage a girl to kiss a boy?

To encourage a girl to kiss a boy, the girl needs to make eye contact with the boy. Do a little conversation, if they are in a relationship they should be holding hands. Then they should be alright, slowly getting there heads closer and closer, but first watch out for the lips so you can go to the kissing part.

Should the girl make the first move?

she make the first move when she feels ready

How do you make girl agree to kiss boy in dating?

First you need to not be afraid of kissing her. Fear of her reaction is the biggest reason men don't move in for the kiss. You should also avoid boring conversation. Boring conversation makes the whole interaction boring and she will not be attracted to you or even think about kissing you. To handle this you can talk about her kissing experience and how good she is at kissing to associate you with kissing in her mind. The kiss should not be sudden. You should be touching her hands, shoulder hair before to get her used to your touch. Tell her you want to kiss her, and kiss her.

Should you make a move on a girl on the first date?

you can kiss her a lot of girls expect that on a date! nothing more than kissing unless you guys are older than 18.. and shes comfortable with it but get her into the mood..

Should the girl make the first move on a guy?

Yes. It is completely acceptable this day and age for a girl to make the first move on a guy.

How do you make out with your girl friend?

You can start by kissing slowly, but not removing you lips. From here continuing kissing. If you want you can even shift your head to make it more passionate.

Should the boy kiss the girl first?

Yes, the boy should kiss the girl first because it is another way to tell the girl that you trully care about her and is not just trying to get something from her. Most girls expect to be kissed first. This doesn't necessarily mean that it should happen that way; if you are a girl make the first move and surprise him. If you are a boy then maybe you should make the first move.

Where should a guy kiss a girl?

kissing a girl is first attempt to make love so it should be very special and memorable so take her some where where she like to go with her beloved or else take her to the place which have exotic view like seashore (at sunset) or to a lavish restaurant by booking private cuboidal

Should the boy or the girl make the first move in the realitionship?

The boy should why should the girls have to

Should the boy or girl make the first move?

ProbaBly the boy

What is the reason for a guy to make prolonged eye contact with a girl?

for romantic kissing moments.

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