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In a moderate, and safe way, yes.

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Q: Should public display of affection be allowed in school?
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When was A Public Display of Affection created?

A Public Display of Affection was created in 2006-10.

Should public display of affection be legal?

YES! Why should it be illegal to hug or kiss in public?

Is PDA a noun?

PDA is an acronym that stands for Public Display of Affection. Public is a modifier describing Display, which could be a noun or a verb. of Affection makes up a prepositional phrase (of is the preposition, Affection is the object of the preposition) that also describes Display.

What is it called when a man and woman kiss in public?

It is called Public Display of Affection.

What are the ratings and certificates for Ellen - 1994 Public Display of Affection 5-7?

Ellen - 1994 Public Display of Affection 5-7 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-14

Why pda shouldn't be allowed in school?

Public Display of Affection. It shouldn't be allowed in school because it is kinda a personal thing and you are at school to learn :D Just do it when the teachers don't look :P

Who invented the public display of affection?

James Augustus Luke III

Is dancing with someone a public display of affection?

Sometimes, though not always.

Can you kiss in public in Pakistan?

im not sure, but it is probably a good idea not to and not show PDA (public display of affection)

Do you believe on showing display of affection in public?

well.. some times its in public but mostly the participants are in their own world

Are you in favor of public display of affection?

There's nothing wrong with it, as long as it stays reasonable.

You public display of affection illegal in Canada?

I wish! Hey fun boys, get a room!