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If your ex-boyfriend doesn't mind, it is okay. But if he doesn't, it will only make things more complicated and awkward for the both of you.

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Q: Should one still be close to ex boyfriends family?
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What does it mean if your ex boyfriends family still likes you but he has a new girlfriend?

It means nothing! He moved on and so should you. His family still likes you because they are neutral in the whole relationship thing that you guys had. I think you should ask him if it bothers him that you are still cool with his family and respect his answer!

Can you still be close to ex boyfriends family?

Yer you can. Just dont make the break up ugly, and stay friends with your ex. It will make it alot easier. Just get along with the family, while dating then stay friends afterwards!

Do good boyfriends talk to you?

No good boyfriends should talk to you if they don't then you as the girl talk to them if he still doesn't want to talk you should break up even if u don't want to:) take ma advice I know from personal experience:)

Why does x boyfriends friend ask you about your x boyfriend?

Because they think that you may still be close to them, or maybe because they want to rub it in your face that you aren't together anymore.

Should girls have boyfriends while in 7th grade?

usually yes,but if u dont have a bf then dont worry about it..yur still young

Your boyfriends friend made a sexual joke that totally offended you and you let him know how you felt about it but he still keeps it up what should you do about it?

You should totally let him know how it made you feel!

How do you know if one of your old boyfriends still likes you?

He still wants to be with you if he calls and is concerned about you

Why do all interesting girls already have boyfriends?

all interesting girls don't have boyfriends.. there are still interesting girls out there.. you just have to find them.

Why did Trace Cyrus get kicked out of family?

he didnt. he is still close to his family (yes, even Miley) and he goes home whenever he is not on tour.

What should you do if your mother went to another country and you asked her if she has any boyfriends and she said no but you are not sure if she has one or not?

If your mother is divorced or a widow then she has the right to her privacy and if she said she didn't have any boyfriends she is probably telling the truth. Even if she is still married she gave you her answer and you are going to have to trust her on that.

My parents think i still young for boyfriends what should i do?

Lol, I feel the same way. Well, you should either argue (but not in a whiny way, in a smart way) or give up. I do option 1.

My 18 daughter moved in with her boyfriends parents am I still financially responsible?