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Often nasogastric tubes are maintained by the patient or their relatives rather than a nurse once they are used to using it. Either way, the nasogastric tube isn't generally changed unless entirely necessary, if it is causing an obstruction or damage or bleeding. As such, changing the tube is rare, however, especially in cases where it is permanantly used for feeding, it must be checked each day and flushed out to maintain hygiene on a regular basis.

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Assuming that an NG tube is properly placed and functional there is no reason to change it. Proper maintenance and use of an NG tube (placement checks, flushes, etc.) should allow use of a single tube for several weeks to several months depending on how and why it is inserted and used. Changing an NG tube arbitrarily based on a number of days simple causes more problems, such as: pt. discomfort, risk for nose bleeds, risk for aspiration, risk of infection... We could continue this list for quite some time, but the basic answer remains the same. Unless there is some special reason that an NG tube "must" be changed every 5 days, and the reason would have to be pretty good for me, the answer in NO.

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One per 2 months

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Q: Should nasogastric tube be change every 5 days?
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