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If your boyfriend is not concerned that another guy hit you, then he doesn't deserve to be your boyfriend. If he will not protect you now he will not protect you later in life. IN my opinion his actions does NOT demonstrate that he has any love at all for you. Remember this is only my personal opinion too.

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Q: Should my boyfriend care that a guy hit on me?
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My ex-girlfriend doesn't have a new boyfriend but there's this new guy who she seems to like They are always hugging and touching Should I let it be or should I hit this new guy?

let it be! she's not going to respect you at all if you go and hit this guy.

Does Damian McGinty have a boyfriend?

he is a guy dip $hit and he is not gay

What should i do if my boyfriend hits me back?

since he is hitting "back" i assume you hit him first and in that case then knock it off before you really screw your thing with this guy up

When a guy cheats on you is it OK to cheat back?

Two wrongs don't make a right. Cheating is selfish; disloyal and the person cheating doesn't care that they hurt their partner. Don't hit the bottom of the barrel like your boyfriend. Get rid of him and tell him to hit the bricks!

Your boyfriend hits you should you hit him back?

yes hit them back and breack up!

How do you get a guy who isn't your boyfriend to call you back?

Become better looking...then maybe hit him up again.

What does it mean when your boyfriendd hit you?

It means, at minimum, you should get rid of that boyfriend.

What to think when your boyfriend threatens to break up with you after you hurt him?

That you should never hit your boyfriend or to anyone, because it shows disrespects.

What should you do when boyfriend hit you?

I will break up with him. For if he has such behavior once, there may be another. He is just your boyfriend right now not your husband, you have the choice.

What should i say when a guy hit you like really hard using his hand to hit you on the thigh?

What should you say? You should do something not just say something, it is not right in any way for a man or guy to hit you! Stand uP for yourself girl! Take action! But be safe!:)

What should one do when your BFF's ex boyfriend always talks to one but one doesn't want to talk to him at all what should you do?

hit him

I am a little fat but one day a friend introduced me to her boyfriend were not friends anymore but he told me everything we knew what we were thinkin and he liked me so should i ask him out?

If your ex friend introduced you to her boyfriend and you hit it off you could get in touch with the guy and be friends. It doesn't matter if you are a little fat, if he liked you and knew what you were thinking it sounds as if there was a connection. You should not ask him out if he is still dating your ex friend.