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Women should NEVER be in bars without their man. Bars are for meeting people and filled with people drinking. Dinners, Broadways Shows, The Beach, Movies etc... all of those are great ways for Women to Bond and spend time with their friends. Not at Bars.

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Q: Should married women go to bars alone?
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Should married men go to bars alone?

No way. I'm a marrie man & I feel sh*tty as hell when my husband goes out all the time.

Why are married men afraid to go to bars alone?

because they know they are there to pick up girls.

What are some places woman don't want their man or husbands to go alone?

Bars and nightclubs are two places that women don't like their husbands to go alone.

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Where should a women spend time if she wants to meet a man?

Where a woman should spend time if she wants to meet a men will depend upon what type of man she wants to meet. Many women like to meet men in bars.

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