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Warm is fine as long as it didn't get warm from sitting out all day. Actually, either is fine. It just depends on preference. Whether cold or warm, milk has a chemical in that acts as a mild sedative. Ever get sleepy after eating a bowl of ice cream? Hope this answered your question

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Q: Should drink warm milk or cold milk?
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What happenes if you drink cold milk directly?

Then you get a nice cold hit of dairy! Would you rather drink it warm?

Should you drink warm or cold water?


Is it bad to drink cold milk with a warm meal?

Medically speaking, no -- no problem at all.

Do sheep drink warm milk?

The milk that lambs drink from their mothers is warm.

Tin soy milk needs to boil again or to be drink as chilled?

No need to boil. Drink hot, warm, or cold.

What should you drink to fall asleep?

Milk can help you fall asleep. You can drink it cold or warm it up, just depends on your tastes. This may help some people, but not others, it varies.

Does fruit loops get soggier in cold or warm milk?

warm milk

When feeding a baby hamster do you give it warm or cold milk?

warm or slightly chilly milk if it is to cold they will get friskie.

Can children have formula milk at the age of twoand can they have this cold?

A child of this age should really be drinking full fat cow's milk, warm or cold.

How do you fall a sleep?

the answer is to drink warm milk

Are humans the only warm blooded species that drinks milk?

No, all mammals are warm-blooded and drink milk.

Do you feed newborn rabbits warm or cold milk?

should be warmed to about 4683 degrees celsius, then give it to the rabbit right away dont let it cool off.