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Yes! In fact, that's the way it is supposed to be taken (with an SSRI, such as sertraline). I personally take 50 mg Zoloft per day, and up to 60 mg of Buspar.

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For many years the Drug Interaction Checker showed no interaction between Zoloft and Buspar, That changed earlier this year and it now explains a β€œMajor” interaction. I told my doctor and she prescribed a different tranquilizer.
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You certainly can, but if you should, depends on your symptoms.

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Q: Should buspirone be taken with SSRIs?
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Can you take hydroxyzine hcl with buspirone?

This is not an uncommon combination of medications for the treatment of depression, anxiety and insomnia. There is no medication interaction that would prevent these three from being taken together. As always, the prescribing physician should be asked about any medication combinations (and any supplements taken should be communicated to the prescribing physician, as well).

Can you take buspirone and atenenol?

Yes, buspirone and atenolol may be taken together. Sometimes they are in order to target the multiple symptoms of anxiety disorders. However, not everybody can take buspirone and/or atenolol so always check with your doctor or pharmacist.

What is busprione hcl?

you spelled it wrong, it should be "buspirone hcl." it's a pharmacologically active drug prescribed to treat anxiety. for more information, check

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will buspirone cause a false positive for benzodiazipies

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Buspirone hcl 15 mg comparison xanax?

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What advantages do benzodiazepines have over SSRIs?

While SSRIs may require three to five weeks to show any effects, and must be taken continuously, benzodiazepines may produce a response within 30 minutes, and may be dosed on an as-needed basis.

Does buspirone get you high?

Buspirone is not a controlled medication. Though this drug is especially made for anxiety, it does not get a person high.

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What are the long term effects of SSRIs?

the long-term effects of SSRIs are unknown

How do SSRIs compare to other antidepressants?

Most SSRIs can be taken in one daily dose as compared with three to six daily pills.SSRIs usually do not cause weight gain.can be prescribed for people with high blood pressure or heart conditions.are unlikely to cause permanent damage if misused.