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Q: Should bath water be used for rinsing?
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What is a hot water bath and how is it used?

A hot water bath is a bath with hot water. You use it to take a bath.

Why is distilled water used in rinsing filter paper?

No other impurities are introduced into the solution.

Why water bath is used to determine high temperatures?

Water bath is used to maintain a constant temperature for many experiments and procedures.

How is a bath hydrotherapy done?

Warm to hot bath water should be used for relaxation purposes, and a tepid bath is recommended for reducing fevers. Herbs can greatly enhance the therapeutic value of the bath for a variety of illnesses and minor discomforts.

What methods should be used to clean glassware?

The proper method that should be used to clean glassware is to rinse it between three to four times with deionized water. If it requires scrubbing then use hot soapy water and a brush to clean and then rinse with water before rinsing again with deionized water.

When would one utilize a water bath?

A water bath is used for canning. A water bath canner is a very large pot and holds at least seven quart jars. The jars should be submerged in one to two inches of water. There is usually a rack with handles so it is easy to take the jars out when finished.

Can you drink used bath water?

no its bad

What is the principle of water bath?

The water bath is used in the lab to allow a chemical reaction to occur at a specific temperature. The bath is heated to a precise temperature and the beaker or other container is placed in the bath.

Why is a water bath used in grignard reagent?

Because the reaction is a strongly exothermic process. An ice bath should be kept readily available in case it should become necessary to cool the mixture to keep the reaction under control.

How long should green beans be in a hot water bath?

As long as it takes you to get clean. Don't eat them if you've used soap.

How do you use a bath cookie?

The ones I've used if its the same thing you just threw it in the bath water unwrapped and it fizzed out into the bath

When is water bath used for laboratory?

water bath is a bath that has water...