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now this question is actually sort of funny. i would say no because i am a 15 year old boy and i spend like atleast 2/3rds of my day thinking of sex. so i would efinetly not unless you are looking to have sex with him.

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Well that's is a tricky question I wouldn't recommend it. Hormones are raging at that age. Even if you trust your son it's hard to trust the girl because the girl might start something that goes no bounds and no one will forget.

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you can't live with your boyfriend until your 16 unless your parent consent to it and your living with an adult, but im sure you can sleep in the same bed aslong as you dont have sex

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Q: Should an 15 year old girl sleep over her boyfriends house?
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yes its perfectly ok for a girl to sleep at a guys house, its just not ok for them to do anything sexual or anything considered inappropriate

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go for it!

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if she gets emancipatied.

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Until you