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Yes, because if the person is on anti-seizure medication, alcohol can lessen the effects of the medication which could prompt a seizure. Also, this information should be on the bottle of the medication. If not, please contact your local pharmacy and inquire.

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Q: Should a person with a seizure disorder avoid drinking alco hol and why?
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If a person had a seizure from not drinking for a few days then start back drinking can they have another seizure?

They will have seizures when they attempt to stop drinking again, unless they are under medical supervision and are given the proper anti-seizure treatment.

Can electro stimulation cause a seizure in a person who has never had a seizure?

Yes, electroconvulsive therapy can cause a seizure in people that have never had a seizure. However, beyond that, general electrical stimulation on the body (such as with a TENS machine) should not induce a seizure in a person who is not an epileptic.

What should you record following a seizure?

When it happened. How long it lasted. The type of seizure. How the person felt before and after the seizure. Did they have an aura? Any potential reasons for the seizure. If you are the person who has had the seizure, some of the information can obviously only be got by someone who saw the seizure, so you will need to talk to them. If no one saw it, just record what you know. If you are recording details of another person's seizure, then you will need to get some information from them.

You just had a seizure should you go to the emergency room?

If someone has never had a seizure before, he/she needs to go to the ER for evaluation. If the person has had a seizure before, he/she needs to follow the direction of the doctor that treats the seizures.

What happens after seizure?

After having a seizure a person will become tired and feel worn down. Upon coming out of a seizure a person can be confused, disoriented and lack the ability to concentrate. Seizures can have many other effects as well depending on the person, type of seizure and severity of the seizure.

What should you do when caring a person who is having a seizure?

Remove nearby objests that might cause injury

What would happen if a person had a seizure for 30 minutes?

Each case is different so it is impossible to say what exactly would happen, but that would be a very serious seizure. Anyone having a seizure lasting that long should be transferred to hospital.

Where can one go to try and address generalized anxiety disorder?

A person should make an appointment with a psychologist of psychiatrist if they are experiencing or seeking information about generalized anxiety disorder. The sooner the disorder is treated, the more likely the person will overcome the mental disorder.

Are there any types of foods you are not allowed to eat after an epileptic seizure?

No. Epilepsy has many forms and many causes. So for each person it is different. For that reason there is no one food that you could say should not be eaten by any person who has had an epileptic seizure.

Why you should approach an unconscious person with care?

You should approach them with care because the person could be having a seizure or they could be choking on an object and you may not realize it if you rush towards them to help

If a person wakes up unable to talk but has a seizure a week later and can talk again could there have been an earlier seizure that caused the loss of speech?

It is a possibility. On the other hand, a previous seizure would also have been noticed. Regardless, seizures that appear to create this sort of reaction in a person should be discuseed and reviewed by a doctor.

Is it possible for someone to die from a petit mal seizure?

A petit mal seizure will not kill a person.