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No, kinky is fun.

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โˆ™ 2011-01-26 08:50:44
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Q: Should I cover up the kinky things I like to my girlfriend?
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What are some kinky things my girlfriend and i can do i bed?

get her a strap on and take it up the but

Your girlfriend was stabbing you?

yes. She is quite the kinky one, i must say.

What are some kinky things to do with your girlfriend in bed when you are a teenager?

Well you guys can cuddle real close, you can have sex, you can make out with each other, you can finger her, or you can eat her.

How long does your hair have to be for kinky twist?

All you need is enough to grab.It doesn't have to be long, if it is shaved in the back the other kinky twists will cover that

Where is the best point to tickle your girlfriend?

Kinky-wise, would be in the inner thigh... otherwise, the neck..

What kinky things can a 13year old and a 12 year old do?

Make out but that's as far as it should go... you shouldn't even be doing clothed touching yet!!

What kind of kinky things can you try with your boyfriend?

Discuss your likes and dislikes and then use your imagination!

What are some kinky things?

Stuffing the anal canal with objects that will being no harm to the body.

What does hideous kinky mean or refer to?


What does it mean when your girlfriend wears a thong to your house?

She just wants to get kinky since she's in your house and do whatever kinky things couples usually do at home. She might be wearing it to get you excited. This MIGHT lead to s*x...just saying. Unless you two control your raging hormones. scientifically it means she chose to wear a thong. the true meaning is that she wore one

What actors and actresses appeared in Go Kinky - 2005?

The cast of Go Kinky - 2005 includes: Kinky Friedman

How can you not get bored with your mate in bed?

get kinky and how kinky is up to you both

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