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Effective feedback should focus on the person, not the behavior

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Q: Should Feedback should be focused on the behavior rather than the person?
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What is construction feedback?

Constructive feedback is letting people know in a helpful way how they are doing, and how their performance is being perceived. Constructive feedback can be positive (letting someone know they're doing well), negative (letting people know about ways in which they could do better), or neutral (just an objective observation or analysis). There are two main elements that make feedback (particularly negative feedback) constructive. 1. The content of the feedback: Constructive feedback is specific, behavior or issue-focused (rather than a value judgment about the individual), based on what is observable (rather than assuming anything about the person's attitude or motivation), and includes some specific direction on how to make improvements if some are needed. 2. Most important, how the feedback is delivered. To be constructive, feedback should not be delivered in a manner that provokes resentment, resistance, defensiveness, hurt feelings, shame or a sense of failure. It means not backing the person into a corner with attacks. Honest doesn't mean tactless. This is where emotional intelligence really makes a difference.

What is the Beer method of feedback?

nBehavior What is the person doing or not doing that is un/acceptable? nEffect Why is the behavior unacceptable? How does it hurt productivity, bother others, and so on? nExpectation What do you expect the person to do or not do to change? nResult What will happen if the person changes (positive tone) or this behavior continues (negative tone)?

Why learn human behavior?

Well you should learn human behavior becouse you can get a good job and you can tell what type a person that person is.

What is counterproductive from feedback?

One thing that is counterproductive from feedback is when the person giving the feedback is not being honest. False negative feedback is more harmful.

Does chewing gum change your behavior?

it makes me more focused, and i like bubblegum so I'm happy, everyone i know begs for bubble gum, so it epends on the person

Why should journalists study human behavior?

Journalists study human behavior to predict the outcomes. They would then know what the person is going to do.

What should behavior-focused treatment of obesity concntrate on?

What and how much a person eats. This aspect may involve keeping a food diary and developing a better understanding of the nutritional value and fat content of foods. It may also involve changing grocery-shopping habits

What were BF Skinner's solutions to behavioral issues?

Try operant conditioning, ie giving positive feedback for the behavior you want to see and negative feedback for the behavior, neurosis, you don't. It takes some understanding of negative feedback to see how it would work. It isn't just taking away something that is meaningful for bad behavior. It is creating an experience as a means of teaching the person/animal not to repeat the behavior--the positive reinforcement is not present or, what worked before does not work again. "Reinforcers may be positive or negative. A positive reinforcer reinforces when it is presented; a negative reinforcer reinforces when it is withdrawn. Negative reinforcement is not punishment. Reinforcers always strengthen behavior; that is what "reinforced" means. Punishment is used to suppress behavior. It consists of removing a positive reinforcer or presenting a negative one. It often seems to operate by conditioning negative reinforcers. The punished person henceforth acts in ways which reduce the threat of punishment and which are incompatible with, and hence take the place of, the behavior punished." [A Brief Survey of Operant Behavior by B.F. Skinner ]

Is it correct to say feedbacks?

It depends. Are you looking for multiple feedback or are you waiting for feedback on one person? If its multiple people I would say 'feedbacks', if it's just one person I would say feedback.

How can a person's perception of others impact an organizatoin's behavior?

by changing the response feedback interaction

What does it mean by their fruit you should know them?

It means that you should judge a person by their behavior rather than by their words or appearance.

What is meant by feedback plans?

Our opinion on an other person ( i.ein schools)write your feedback about class teacher