Sense organs are part of the?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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peripheral nervous system.

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Q: Sense organs are part of the?
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What are sense organs are part of?

nervous system

The sense organs are part of the?

peripheral nervous system.

Is the sense organs are part of the circulatory system?


Do Inchworms use smell or taste and if so how do they sense them?

Worms have specialized chemoreceptors or sense organs which react to chemical stimuli. These sense organs are located on the anterior part of the worm.

Sense Organs can be found in?

There are no sense organs because senses are part of the nervous system and are not as complicated and do not have the same type of functionality as say the heart and lungs.

What division of the nervous system contains sense organs?

The visceral part.

Are the sense organs of animals are better than human sense organs?

No humans sense organs are better than animals sense organs.

The special sense organs are actually part of the?

The Nervous System.

What is the synonym for the word sense organs?

Sense organs is not a word, but a phrase. You would have to list the various organs.

What are ways to keep the sense organs healthy?

ways of sense organs healthy

What is punctate distribution in regard to sense organs?

in regard to sense organs, what is punctate distribution?

Why are sense organs important to livig organisms?

Why are sense organs important to living organisms