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Croquet is a good one


bungee jumping

BASE jumping

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Q: Select the three sports that have very little effect on strength and fitness?
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How does a little protein in the pre-exercise meal or snack benefit in fitness routines?

It provides more energy and strength.

How successful was the fitness product that Tony Little promoted?

"Tony Little promotes the Gazelle. I have one of these, and they are awesome for working out. I like using it because it gives you cardiovascular workouts and strength training."

Does gender affect lifting capacity?

Somewhat. Men, in general, have a little more upper body strength than women. Certainly there are different types of lifting, and the fitness and strength of men and women vary from individual to individual.

Do stronger materials necessarily make object travel further?

No. The strength of materials has little effect on how far an object travels.

What is the strength of steel reinforced concrete?

The reinforcment will have little or no effect on compressive strength. It will however impact tensile strength. It depends on the concrete mix design and amount of reinforcment, what the tensile strength impacts will be. The question needs to be a lot more detailed to provide a specific answer.

Does body composition have little to do with cardiorespiratory fitness?

Body composition has a lot to do with cardiorespiratory fitness.

What are the release dates for Kid Fitness - 2005 Big Little Buster 2-12?

Kid Fitness - 2005 Big Little Buster 2-12 was released on: USA: 17 June 2007

Can tornadoes lose strength as they move inland?

Tornadoes generally form over land and whether they are on land or over water has little effect on their intensity. It is a hurricane that weakens as it hits land.

What is an eighth grade students intelligence level?

Here is my guide:A+= has a very powerful strength in a subjectA= has a powerful strength in a subjectB= has a strength in a subjectC= has a somewhat strength, room for improvementD= has little strength, needs improvementF= has very little or no strength in subject.Sometimes bad grades are do to not very well study habits or even nervousness.

Does broccoli give you strength?

I Don't Know , But i think that Broccoli Give Little Strength Or Energy

How long does it take to lose your stamina and strength after a 3-week layoff?

You can lose fitness faster than you can, and you can lose it a million times faster than you can gain it. It does depend on your general fitness level and you age. In most cases, younger people can rebound from about a week off alot faster than an older person. However, if you are at a young age and do daily extremely rigorous exercise such as that that a hardcore highschool rower, such as myself, would do, you can lose fitness in as little as three days without working out. Cardiovascularly, you will have changes, probably not noticeable, but changes in about three days but strength loss takes slightly more time to occur

What do you call having little strength or force?