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It is the "skipping" pattern that impulses follow to travel down nerve axons.

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Q: Saltatory conduction refers to the conduction of impulses in?
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Is saltatory conduction made possible by large nerves fibers diphasic impulses myelin sheath or erratic transmission of nerve impulses?

Saltatory conduction is made possible by gaps in the myelin sheath (called nodes of Ranvier) along the axon, which allow for the action potential to "jump" from one node to the other, increasing conduction velocity.

What type of nervous system conduction occurs in myelinated axons?

Saltatory Conduction

Conduction along a myelinated axon is called?

It is called saltatory conduction. This describes the "jumping" of an action potential from node to node on a myelinated axon.

What is salutatory conduction?

Saltatory conduction refers to the propagation of action potentials along myelinated axons from one node of Ranvier to the next node. It increases the conduction velocity of action potentials.

Does saltatory conduction occur on unmyelinated axons?

No. I advise you to look up what saltatory conduction is so you will understand why not rather than coming here to get the answers to your homework.

What is rapid conduction from node to node?

saltatory propagation

Saltatory conduction is made possible by?

the myelin sheath

What is the node-to-node jumping regeneration of an action potential along a myelinated axon called?

saltatory conduction Saltatory conduction is derived from the Latin word saltare, which means leaping

What is Saltatory conduction made possible by?

Saltatory conduction is made possible by myelinated nerve fibers. This is the means through which one node of Ranvier will communicate with the next.

Does saltatory conduction only occur in CNS?

Saltory conduction only occurs in the myelinated axons.

What type of axon allows saltatory conduction?

A myelinated axon

Area where action potentials are generated during saltatory conduction?

Nodes of Ranvier.....