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A salt water pool is a chlorine pool. The difference is that in a normal fresh water pool you have to add the chlorine as it is required.

In the case of the salt water pool salt is added to the pool which is int urn run through a chlorine generator that is installed on the pipe leading from the filter to the pool. The chlorine generator electronically separates chlorine gas out of the salt water which then dissolves into the water automatically maintaining chlorine levels. The adidion of salt to the water makes it more pleasant to swim in and you are spared having to handle and store chlorine at home. but the problem is you are still swimming in Chlorine and now you are also swimming in sodium.

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Salt systems are nice, however, I have seen a customer turn a salt water pool system into a battery. NOT GOOD.. I would recommend using a UV System.

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Q: Salt water pool systems vs chlorine which is better?
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How do you get chlorine free water?

Many people install salt water systems under the impression that it is chlorine free. Salt water systems produce chlorine electronically and therefore does not require adding chlorine to the water physically. So salt water is not chlorine free water. There are alternative pool sanitation systems that use an advanced oxidation process, combined with copper ionization to sanitize the water. These oxygen based systems do not produce any chlorine. These systems produce 100% chlorine free water.

Is salt water better than chlorine?

yes it is

Is a salt water or chlorine pool better?

A Salt water pool is a chlorine pool. The difference is that in the case of a saltwater pool there is a chlorinater fited inline that converts the salt into chlorine automaticaly, Meaning that you don't have to purchace any chlorine to keep up chlorine levels.

Does salt water conducted electricity better than fresh water?

Because salt water contain ions of sodium and chlorine.

Can you put salt in your chlorine pool and make it clearer and easier to maintain?

It wouldn't make a great deal of difference aside from making the water feel better to swim in. Salt water pools also have chlorine generators that convert part of the salt in the water into chlorine.

What is better and anodizer or salt chlorinator in a pool?

not salt water, but its better for your health! Salt is not a pool cleaner, it is usually there to make chlorine via a "salt system"

What better salt system or chlorine?

A salt system makes chlorine, that's what its there for.

Does salt or chlorine chlorinate better?

Salt is NaCl from which Chlorine gas (also known as mustard gas) is generated. So salt chlorinators are chlorine factories that produce chlorine gas from the salt molecule. Salt has a softening effect so feels smoother on the skin, creating an illusion of health. However, in the end you're still swimming in chlorine which is very unhealthy. Salt chlorinators are also extremely bad for the environment. Back washing salt water to sewerage systems has been banned in many parts of the USA due to damage from salt to natural waterways and wetlands.

Is a chlorine system or a salt water system better for a fiberglass pool?

it doesn't really matter

What are the advantages and disadvantages of salt water pool systems?

Well swimming poo is never a good thing, I mean it's bad enough if you catch one floating, but when you come across a poo that is actively swimming, you better jump out and run for it! (and this goes for saltwater or chlorine). If you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of a saltwater swimming POOL...then click on the related question below.

Is chlorine water same as salt water?


Does a salt water spa really need chlorine or bromine?

If you have a salt water hot tub or pool, you shouldn't need to add any extra chlorine. I am the pool operator at our local YMCA and we have a salt system with a Chloromatic chlorine generating cell. Rarely do we add any extra chlorine, only in cases of decontamination and/or shocking. Bromine does do better than chlorine in higher temps.