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you can probably find the answer on wiki answers or something

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Q: Release button on prosthetic leg will not push in is there a way to get the leg off?
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What is another word for fake leg?

A prosthetic leg, or prosthetic limb

How can you get a free prosthetic leg?

Im in the Philippines how to get a free prosthetic leg?? my mother need a prosthetic leg in her left leg she got it because she had a diabetics i wish that you can give a free prosthetic leg for her im in the Philippines you can see it in my account who's can read it please help my mother because i want to give her but i have no money to buy a prosthetic leg PLEASE HELP ME for the sake my mother

Give you a sentence that has prosthetic in it?

Andrew was happy to get his prosthetic leg

Does Martin Kratt have a prosthetic leg?


Does Vin Diesel have a prosthetic leg?


How do you use a prosthetic limb?

a fake arm/leg

What are the functions of a prosthetic leg?

Locomotion, standing, etc.

What is a prosthetic used for?

A prosthetic may be used for a variety of different reasons. However the most common usage of a prosthetic is to replace a body part, such as an arm or leg, that is gone.

Blisters from prosthetic leg?

Yes, from where the leg meets the stump if it is not fitted correctly in can cause blisters.

What is the average cost of a prosthetic leg?

The average cost of a prosthetic leg can vary significantly depending on the type of leg needed, materials used, and customization required. However, a basic prosthetic leg can range from $5,000 to $50,000, while more advanced models with advanced technology can cost upwards of $100,000 or more. Additionally, costs can also include expenses for fittings, adjustments, and maintenance.

What are the difficulties of kick boxing with a prosthetic leg?

Your leg can fly off and kill your gf sitting in the front row.

Will your health insurance pay for a prosthetic leg?

Ask your Health Insurance Provider