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you can probably find the answer on wiki answers or something

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Q: Release button on prosthetic leg will not push in is there a way to get the leg off?
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What is the pressure point of the thigh?

The pressure point of the thigh is on the inside, near where the leg joins the hip. This is where you push to stop bleeding in the lower leg.

How do you find the popliteal pulse?

you lay your patient on his her her stomach and have the leg at a 70 degree angle. You then locate the crease and place your fingers there. You will have to push your fingers deep to find it.

How can you get a girl to touch you like your leg or something?

First learn how to write clear questions.Ex: How do you get a girl to touch you, like your leg for example.Answerya that's pretty hard to do. i cant even figure out how a guy could get me to touch his leg. if ur dating her then u could hug her a lot and hold her hand with it on your leg then she'll prob. get use to "leg touching" AnswerHonestly, it's her decision to do that (or anthing else) WHEN and IF she feels comfortable doing so. You shouldn't pressure her into anything she doesn't want to do. It comes naturally to a girl when she wants to do something like that. ANSA!!!erm well you cn hold er had thn kinda move graduali closer to your leg, bt dnt push er, sum girls will do it naturalli, bt she CD be one of those girls who rnt ready .. so dnt push er!!!!!!_______________________________________________________________________tbh .. I'm one of those people to do it naturally, but erm ... if you stroke her leg she'll probably start doing it bac, and hold her hand under the table, put your hand which she is holding on your knee, she'l gradually start movjg it up

What body system is involved in a broken leg?

Mainly the leg.

What is inner seam of jeans?

The seam on the inside of the leg from the crotch to the bottoms of the leg.

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