Relation of gintoki and tsukuyo

Updated: 4/28/2022
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as I see they are close friend, maybe someday something romantic upon there relationship

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Q: Relation of gintoki and tsukuyo
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How old is Gintoki from the anime series Gintama?

Sakata Gintoki is officially "in his 20's", according to the manga author Sorachi Hideaki.

Who will be the voice of gintoki in GinTama?

Tomokazu Sugita.

In gintama how did otose meet gintoki?

In episode 11 or 12 it shows that otose was visiting her husbands grave and and a younger starved gintoki asked her for the manju she had laid out in front of the grave. She said ask my husband not me so Gintoki got up and ate the manju saying how can you talk to a dead person. Because of her kindness to Gintoki he vowed to protect otose for the rest of her life. Hope that answers your question. Source: Just watched the episode

What is the name of the song in GinTama that is played in the scene where Hasegawa calls Hatsu while a man is delivering a cake to her?

man delivering?! It was a woman and Gintoki was the driver... there was really no song on it but a woman's screaming voice and Gintoki's.

Does gintoki ever fall in love?

No! and he will never will!! because as the script has written, Gintoki only plays as an immature character or main character in the story and also as seen in the manga or anime episodes that Gin has still no interest in any girls in the anime.

What does gintoki's name mean?

銀時 (Gintoki) 銀 (gin) means silver 時 (toki) means time/hour 坂田 (Sakata) 坂 (saka) means slope/hill 田 (ta) means rice field

Does gintama ever get serious?

YES! There are loads after that it goes to comedy, but here it is, The Epic Arcs Gintoki vs Hijikata (Episode 9) Hijikata attacks gintoki for revenge Drug Dealing Paradise (Episode 13) Gintoki vs Harusame! Underground Arena (Episode 27) Gintoki vs an amanto Umibozou Arc (40-43) A Famous alien sweeper comes to earth, but kagura seems to know who he is, whilst a monster is terrorizing edo. Infant Strife Arc (51-52) A Baby that looks like gintoki is left outside the yorozuya, meanwhile someone else is after that baby... Benizakura Arc (58-61)(My Fav) A Tsujigiri has targeted katsura. Elizabeth's come for help meanwhile gintoki's has to find the stolen sword, the benizakura! Gintama OVA 2 Shoroyousha Koutan- Shows Gintoki at war! Fuyou Arc (69-71) The Yorozuya Find themselves in a situation! They are attacked by robot-maids? Yagyuu Arc (76-81) Otae's old childhood friend, Kyubei comes to take her as her bride, Shinpachi knows this is against her will and tries to challenge Kyubei! Okita Mitsuba (86-87) Okita's older sister comes to visit knowing there's little time left (so romantic!) Shinsengumi Discord Crisis Arc (101-105)(another fav) Hijikata recieves a cursed sword which makes him an otaku in dangerous situtations, meanwhile ex-shinsengumi member rejoins, but not for the better. Guardian Dog Arc (107-108) A Yakuza asks the yorozuya for help, to get his son out of the warehouse, but his guardian has something to do about this... Yoshiwara Arc (139-146) (My King of Faves) Yoshiwara, an underground city... Ruled by a mysterious yato, meanwhile kagura bumps into her- P.S. This arc has 3 epic fights, and drama Otsu Fan Club Arc (157-163) (also a fav) Otsu is holding a competition, meanwhile shinpachi's fanclub... is rivaled by Hijikata's! (Otaku Hijikata Returns) Red Spider Arc (177-181) (My Fav) With Yoshiwara liberated, Tsukuyo has mysterious red spider tatoo, gintoki returns to yoshiwara... P.S. Has a gintoki x tsukuyo scene, and a rescuing scene that is so epic! Rokkaku Arc (186-187) Okita was attacked by a girl who claims her father was murdered in the rokkaku massacre. The truth is discovered... Kabuchiko Stray Cat Arc (190-192) Gintoki goes missing while trying to capture stray cats. Diviner Arc (195-199) (My Fav as well) The media is infuriated by the wrong weather reports by ketsuno ana, gintoki does everything to help, and finds out ketsuno ana has a secret... Santa Arc (200-201) (just kidding) Glasses Arc (207-208)- (Sarutobi's Epic Arc) Gintoki mistakenly broke sarutobi's glasses, and bought her a new one, which doesn't help at all, and is in danger by assassins. Kabuchikou 4 Devas Arc (210-214) (EPIC) Gintoki is attacked by warrior, seeking kabuchikou's strongest... Meanwhile all 4 deva's gather.... Kamui Joins Kihetai (215) Kamui and Takasugi join together. Baragaki Arc (244-247) (My Ultimate Favourite) A Mysterious elite group known as the mimiwarigumi, try to replace the shinsengumi! Gintama Movie - An improved version of the benizakura arc, definately worth watching

Do Tuskuyo like Gintoki?

the answer yes. remember the yoshiwara arc? tsuki already say: im glad i meet you

How do you draw Gintoki?

Just practice- get a picture and practice. Its the only thing that helps. Study the drawing and copy it- dont draw over it.

What episode did gintoki and ayame sarutobi appearance?

Who the hell is that? I'm not really sure if that person even exists. Sorry for being rude.

How old is katsura from the anime series Gintama?

The foursome, Sakata Gintoki, Katsura Kotarou, Takasugi Shinsuke and Sakamoto Tatsuma, are all of similar age, in their 20's.

Who is sakata gintoki?

He is the main character in the anime Gintama and owns his own business as a freelancer he's quite poor and spends most of his money on sweets and Shounen Jump.