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This a histamine reaction to stress or being nervous.

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Q: Redness on the neck and upper chest?
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Where on your body could you check your heart beat?

Neck, left upper chest, wrist

What muscles do you work in triceps dips?

From what I know it mainly works your triceps, shoulders, upper back, chest and your neck.

How are medical conditions of the upper body read on an iridology chart?

The top of the eye is mapped to the upper body (e.g., brain, face, neck, chest and heart).

What causes upper back pain and left arm aches no chest pain?

neck and left arm aches related to angina ,

Where on your body can you get acne?

You can get acne on any part of your body that has sensitive skin and feels oily to the touch. Your chin, forhead, cheeks, neck, upper back, chest, and maybe your upper thighs.

Where does acne occur?

Mostly in the face, sometimes the chest and the back. it does not occur in the leg, though. Unless it is chicken pox.

How does neurologic pain present in thoracic outlet syndrome?

Neurologic pain can occur on either sides of the forearm, upper back and upper chest, neck and ear. Pain is especially evident on the ring and small finger.

What is the body of the thoracic?

The thoracic region is basically the chest and upper back. In the neck it begins at T-1 of the vertebra. The thoracic area extends to the last rib, front and back.

Is rolling your neck bad for you?

No if you do it the right way. You line up your neck with your spine. Then, you put your chin to your chest. While keeping your chin to chest, roll your neck to the side. You are not supposed to roll your neck to the back. Roll your neck back to the center while still keeping your chin to your chest. Then you do the same thing just to the opposite side.

What is the space between your chin and your chest called?

The space between your chin and your chest is called your Neck. The neck is the part of a person's body that connects the head to the rest of the body, and also links the spinal cord to the brain.

Where can find your heart?

in your chest which is under your neck.

Where can you find your heart?

in your chest which is under your neck.