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Concussion, attention deficit disorder, stroke, or even early onset Alzheimer's.

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Q: Reasons for memory loss at a young age?
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What could cause memory loss at a young age?

Memory Loss at a young age could be caused due to stress or anxiety or you may be one of many who suffer from a bad memory. You can improve your memory by challenging it with puzzles, sudoku and crosswords. Reading will also help and trying online memory tests will also help.

Memory loss at age of 28?

Having memory loss depends for how you care to your body....If you don't sleep well you may have.....

What is the loss of memory with age?

Its commonly referred to as senility.

How can you tell that your computer is suffering from old age?

It suffers from memory loss.

Can people lose their memory?

Yes. There are several things that could cause memory loss including disease, injury and age.

What is one cause of loss of memory?

One cause of loss of memory could be brain injury or trauma, which can affect the brain's ability to form or retrieve memories.

Can stress make someone look older?

Stress can make you age faster than other people due to the toll it takes on the body. Stress can cause high blood pressure, an upset stomach, headaches, and make existing medical conditions worse.

Are there any doctors that can help my grandma with her memory loss?

I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. First I suggest this website that gives some really good information and provides a questionnaire to help you decide if the memory loss of your grandmother is related to old age or a greater concern. . And I also have this website that can help you look for a doctor that specializes in memory loss.

Why does mild cognitive impairment get mistaken for dementia?

Normal age related memory impairment is often mistaken for dementia because it is quite common to become forgetful as we age. However, normal memory loss due to age should not result in any loss of function.

What are some reasons a hamster would lose its fur?

It be getting old. Loss of fur is quite common in old age. If your hamster is young, go to the vets immediately because it could be cancer or another serious medical condition.

Which age group has the best memory?

There isn't a specific age group that has the best memory as it varies from individual to individual. However, research suggests that memory typically peaks in young adulthood and starts to decline gradually as people age, particularly after the age of 40. However, factors like genetics, lifestyle, and overall health can also influence an individual's memory abilities.

What are the good and bad things about alcohol?

If your under age it is very unhealthy to drink alcohol and may cause memory loss when you are older !!! :o