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I'm going to go with Argument from fallacy

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Q: Raising a child is just like having a pet is an example of what fallacy?
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What is it called when you are raising someones child without having legal custody?

you are doing something bad

What are some secrets to raising a happy child?

There are many tips that one can follow to raise a happy child. Some secrets to raising a happy child include: encourage them to share their feelings, being present and available for your child, and having your child try different activities to help their self esteem.

Do I qualify for SSI if I am raising a child that's not mine?

do i qualify for ssi if i raising a child thats not mine

Is the approximate cost of raising a child for eighteen years?

The approximate cost of raising a child for eighteen years is $245,340.

What is the approximate cost of a raising a child for eighteen years?

The approximate cost of raising a child for eighteen years is $245,340.

Is a sociopathic personalty inherited?

It can be. For example; if a child is raised by a sociopath, the sociopath raising them might be cold and distant(because they could have trouble making an attachment with the child.) The sociopath raising them can also be highly abusive. As a result, the child could grow up to have a sociopathic personality, because thats all they know.

Sanger compares preparing for a child and raising a child to?

tending a garden

What has the author Mary Sheedy Kurcinka written?

Mary Sheedy Kurcinka has written: 'Raising Your Spirited Child CD' 'Raising Your Spirited Child' -- subject(s): Aggressiveness in children, Child rearing, Family & Relationships, Nonfiction, OverDrive, Parent and child, Personality in children 'Raising Your Spirited Child Rev Ed'

Can an adult child get unpaid child support in Alabama?

No, child support is not paid to the child but to the parent raising the child.

Essay about advantages and disadvantages of nuclear and extended family?

Having the support of an extended family can help parents through many of the tougher times with child raising

The physical cost of raising a child?


What are some family tradition in raising the child?

The type of family or community determines the method of raising up a child. In a traditional patriarchal society it is the mother who brings up her child although in the rich class of society a maid or nurse may nurture a child. The gender of the child also matters in raising up a child. In some communities the father/male members are responsible for the raising up the male child and the girl child is raised by the female members of the community. In some religious communities a child may be raised up by a religious group or monastery.