Quick ankle injury pain releiver

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If you have an ankle injury you should wrap it in an Ace bandage and use ice to keep the swelling down. You can take Motrin or Tylenol for the pain.

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Q: Quick ankle injury pain releiver
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How do I stop the pain of ankle injury?

First, keep the leg with the ankle injury raised to maximize the blood flow. Then you should consider seeing a doctor if the pain doesn't stop. Take some soothing medicine also to relieve the pain.

What can cause knee pain outside of injury?

I have sharpe pain in front of my leg from ankle up through the knee

What are the Symptoms of ankle injury requiring reconstruction?

pain everydat, swelling and difficulty walking

What is mobic used for?

Mobic is used for helping with pain by osteoarthritis. Mild pain releiver.

Does naproxen have codine in it?

No, it does not it is just a minor pain releiver and anti-inflamatory.

What is the name of the injury if you injury your ankle?

Possibly a sprained ankle or a fractured ankle. It all depends on what has happened to the bones in the ankle. The best way to treat ankle injuries is to ice it regularly and if swelling in the ankle does not go down or if pain does not subside after about a week, it is probably time to see a doctor or have an X-ray of the foot done to see what the damage is.

How can I treat an ankle running injury?

Treatment for an ankle injury will depend on what the injury is and how severe it is. If it is a simple sprain, ice on the swelling can cause some relief. You can also take some anti-inflammatories for the pain and swelling. If it persists you should see your doctor.

What does the fibula have to do with ankle injury?

it recieves the weight from the whole body along with the tibia...and reduces the weight on the ankles and it has alot to do with the ankle..if the ankle is injured then the ankle would have trouble with this weight hence creating pain

What is the treatment for ankle pain?

The treatment for ankle pain varies according to the type of pain and injury the person is experiencing. iceing and using supportive bandages is a great start for all minor to medium ankle pain. Splints are for more moderate pain, and in some cases crutches may be a good solution. Ibprofen is a great pain killer and will help reduce the swelling as well.

How many days should you take ibuprofen to reduce swelling in an ankle injury?

Ibuprofen is for pain or fever. It will not reduce the swelling much from an injury, as that is not an inflammatory process.

How can ankle injury be treated?

If the ankle is broken it will need to be set in plaster. If it is "merely" a sprain, support with a crepe bandage should do the trick. In both cases, pain-killers will be needed, as ankle injuries can be very sore.

Do I have an ankle injury from running?

Rest is the best measure. This gives the ankle time to heal. Icing and massage are also good remedies. Then as pain decrease slightly exercise the ankle with light and easy stretching motions.

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