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Q: Private agencies cannot be volunteer health organizations.?
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Who can look into an expungement record I am applying for court job and had my records have been expunged who can see my records?

If your records were officially expunged it means that members of the general public cannot view your past criminal history.HOWEVER - the following organizations still have access to your record: all government agencies - the court system - law enforcement agencies - and organizations doing background investigations for government security clearances.

Can you volunteer to take someones place in prison?

(in the US) No, you cannot.

How late can a minor stay at a bar without parental supervision?

In most States , you cannot be in a bar without a parent, period. In some , you cannot be in a bar even WITH a parent. Private clubs like fraternal organizations have different rules.

How can you volunteer your only 13?

You cannot. You have to be at least 16 to work or volenteer.

Private property cannot be taken by the government without?

Private property cannot be taken by the government without what ?

Is it just government agencies that can put a tax refund garnishment against you?

In general, yes. If you owe the government money, they can seize your tax refund to pay down that debt. Private companies cannot do this.

What is the dunlop theory?

The Dunlap theory is the theory of industrial relations. The theory states that the industrial system consists of management organizations, workers, and government agencies. These three parts are intertwined and cannot act completely independent of each other.

Can the IRS garnish you income tax refund for a judgment by a bank in Oklahoma?

No. Other government agencies can offset your IRS refund through the Treasury Offset Program, but a private entity (like a bank) cannot.

Can a 15-year-old move out when their parents cannot afford clothes and shoes for them?

A family experiencing financial difficulties is not grounds for a minor to leave the family home of their own volition. It is unfortunate that many parents cannot provide the basic neccessities for their children, but it is a reality. There are many organizations and social agencies both public and private that can lend assistance in such matters. On the other hand, it is nice to have a fashionable wardrobe and other amenities. But the fact that parents cannot always provide such things does not mean they are not loving, caring and competent and are doing the best they can.

What volunteer projects can I do to make money?

Typically, you cannot volunteer to make money, thus the essence of volunteering. However, you can volunteer to gain experience and life and travel on the government's tab, by doing things such as joining the Peace Corps.

What does it take to be on jury duty?

You cannot volunteer for jury duty - your name is picked at random.

What government agencies help form a more perfect union?

No, they cannot.

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