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Modern Sociology:

Emile Durkheim

Karl Marx

Max Weber

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Q: Pioneers in the field of sociology?
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Who are the pioneers and forerunners of sociology?

There are many pioneers and forerunners of sociology. For example, Karl Marx pioneered sociology as a means to criticize society.

Pioneers in the development of sociology?

the pioneers of sociology are Karl Max, Auguste Comte, Max webber and emily durkheim.

What men are considered to be the pioneers in the development of sociology?

The men who are considered pioneers in the development of sociology are Herbert Spencer, Karl Marx, and Auguste Comte.

Who are the pioneers of sociology and their contribution?

who are the pioneers of sociology Here are some: Auguste comte Herbert Spencer Karl Marx Emile Durkheim Max Weber

Different pioneers of sociology and anthropology?

Fak U

Pioneers of sociology and their contributions?

Karl Max and Auguste

Pioneers of sociology Henry-Saint Simon?


Pioneers in sociology?

The term sociology was introduced by French philosopher Auguste Comte in 1838, who is known as the â??Father of Sociology. Additional pioneers in sociology from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries include Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim, and Max Weber.

The sociology of medicine is what kind of field of sociology?

It is medical sociology.

What conclusion of sociology?

Sociology is a field of study and does not have an overall 'conclusion'.

What is the historical development of sociology as a scientific discipline with emphasis on the pioneers and their contributions?

Answermeteorolgy :))

Who are the pioneers of sociology?

Émile Durkheim, Herbert Spencer, Karl Marx, and Auguste Comte are considered pioneers in sociology. In the USA sociology was pioneered by Lester Frank Ward Some key century European sociologists were: Emile Durkheim Max Weber Herbert Spencer Vilfredo Pareto Thorsten Veblen

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