Pill numbers 0552

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A pill with a boxed "M" on one side and the numbers 05 52 on the other is 5mg Oxycodon instant release

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Q: Pill numbers 0552
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Related questions

What is a Small white round pill with M on one side and 0552 on the other?

it's a 5mg oxycodone

How do you find out what type of pill you have?

All pills have unique shapes and numbers, and these numbers are used to identify the pill.

What kind of pill is marked with numbers 2407?


What is a white round pill with the numbers 54262 on it?


Is a round white pill with the numbers 319 on one side an ecstasy type pill?

No its 50 mg tramadol

What are these pills that are yellow with the on n say Mg's?

In order to identify a pill you need the numbers and/or letters that are printed on the pill.

What are numbers on Vicodin pill?

are m367 vicodins stronger then m360 vicodins?

Does Xanax have this on it L441?

whenever you have a pill you cannot identify, if you go to google and type in the numbers and letters on the pill it will come right up.

What pill has a 93 on it?

There are 764 pills that have a 93 on them. You need to see if there are other numbers and also the shape and color to help identify that pill.

What are the 319 pills for?

A 319 pill is known as Tramadol. Tramadol is a muscle relaxer that used to help with back and wrist pain. A Tramadol pill with the numbers 319 on it, mean that the pill is 50 milligrams.

What kind of pill is orange peach in color and has the numbers 5687 on one side and is oval shaped?

Oval shaped peach pill with SS on side

Need help identifying a pill?

The pill may contain numbers or letters indicating what it is or the company that manufactures it. The colour(s) of the pill also indicate what it is. If you don't know what a pill is then your best chance is either to ignore it or to get a trained pharmacist to see if they recognise it.

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