Pick you up in french

Updated: 4/28/2022
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"Pick you up" in French is, prenez-vous

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Q: Pick you up in french
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What is the french word for pick?

to pick is 'choisir' in French.

How do you thank some one for picking you up by car in French?

To pick up someone is "prendre" or "emmener" in French. "C'est très gentil à vous de me prendre / de m'emmener" (it is very kind of you to pick me up).

What does the word pick mean in french?

to pick is 'choisir' in French.

How do you say 'are you waiting for someone to pick you up' in French?

attendez vous quelqun ?

How do you say pick up your sister in french?

Draguer ta soeur.

Can you pick up a French Bulldog?

In being that most dogs usually weigh around 28 lbs most people can pick them up quite easily.

How do you say pick up the telephone in French?

pick up the telephone --> décrocher le téléphone -- "day-croh-shay luh tay-lay-fohn"

What is choisissez in French?

"Choisissez" in French means "choose" in English. It is the second person plural form of the verb "choisir" which translates to "to choose."

What is 'Can I pick you up today' when translated from English to French?

Puis-je vous prendre aujourd'hui?

How do you say pick me in french?

"Pick me" in French can be translated to "Choisis-moi" or "Prends-moi".

How would one go about learning to speak with a French accent?

If you wish to speak French with a French accent, the best way is to surround yourself with natural French speakers and you will soon pick up the accent.

Is the French game Mille Bornes still being made by Milton Bradley?

Yes, you can pick it up in a hobby shop.