Pet names in Spanish

Updated: 4/28/2022
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chico Bella babes anything that sounds spanish

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Q: Pet names in Spanish
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What are some funny pet names you can call your boyfriend in spanish?


What are funky pet names?

funky pet names names are like momo, nina, and naynay

What are cute pet nicknames in other languages for my girlfriend?

lebrae for spanish ray for English and nahmoud for Arabic. those names are for boys . for girl pet names elizabeth for English. emreld for American. edna for french. Julie for latin. and rose for mongollia

How do you say I have a pet in Spanish?

Tengo una mascota.

How do you say the word pet in Spanish?

The English word pet is translated into Spanish as mascota.

What are some pet names for fish?

Names that you can use for a pet fish include Goldy, Sammy, Fishy and Wilbby.

What is pet in spanish?

There are a few ways to say pets in Spanish. They are: mascotas, animales domésticos, or animales de compañía.

Why do cities in California have Spanish names?

The area was settled by the Spanish and used to be part of Mexico. Most of the Spanish-language names are the names they were given at the time of settlement.

What was Obama's pet's names?


What is The Name Lalo Short for?

Lalo is typically a short form of the Spanish name Eduardo or the Italian name Giancarlo.

Names in Spanish?

name in Spanish is nombre

To what genus and species does the Spanish dove belong?

I went back to the pet shop that calls its doves "Spanish doves" and acquired a pair. The so-called Spanish dove the shop is selling is the Eurasian collared dove, scientifically known as Streptopelia decaocto. The pet shop caretakers didn't know the scientific names of the pets they were selling (I wasn't surprised). The bird known as Spanish dove in the Western world is the Inca dove; "Spanish" because of its range (Spanish-speaking countries). The scientific name of the Inca dove is Scardafella inca.