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Q: Percentage of white people on earth?
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What is the percentage of people that are hungry on earth?


What percentage of white people can dunk?

32.5% of white males can "dunk"

What is the percentage of white people in America?

about 73% of America is white.

Was white people the first people on earth?


What percentage of people in the world are whites?

8% White 92% Non-White

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What percentage of white british people have a black ancestor?


What percentage of White people are on welfare?

White people make up 42% of the poor, but take in 69% of government benefits

What percentage of Boxer dogs are white?

about 15-25% of boxers are white...... i am 1 of the lucky people to own a white boxer

What percentage of the world is white?

Approximately 21% of the world's people are considered 'white'.

What percentage of People speak Latin?

literally 5% of people on earth can speak fluent latin

How much percentage is the earth is it 100?

Only if you are referring to earth as a percentage of earth, then earth is 100% of earth