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Q: Patient is allergic to iodine and needs a foley catheter. What antiseptic can we substitution for betadine when inserting a foley catheter?
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Can you use betadine if you are allergic to iodine?

You should not use Betadine if a patient is allergic to iodine. Betadine contains approximately 1% iodine, which could be enough to cause an allergic reaction.

How does betadine work?

Betadine is an antiseptic that is used when creating a sterile field. Betadine works by cleaning the skin before a procedure is performed.

What to use if allergic to betadine?

If a patient is allergic to betadine, most commonly, a physician will use alcohol as a prep. This is the case with an iodine allergy as well.

What to use if allergic to betadine and chlorhexidine?

antibacterial soap

Which was the best antiseptic and give information?

The best antiseptic depends on the reason for needing an antiseptic, where the antiseptic is to be used, what the antiseptic is expected to accomplish. It can be as simple as flushing with enough water to do the job, using soap (just about any soap is an antiseptic), or detergent. After that that, their is alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, betadine, and more.

When giving blood why do they ask you are you allergic to shell fish?

Because if you are allergic to shellfish you most likely are allergic to iodine or betadine which is what they use to prep your arm with when they draw your blood.

Can you use betadine on an animal wound?

A 5% betadine solution is best for dogs and cats. Mainly use for aseptically cleaning of wounds and surgical suture (after spaying and neutering). Watch for excessive discharge on the wound site, if this happens. Flush it with saline solution and the betadine to dry it. Minimize the use of betadine to once every other day and watch for allergic reaction. If your dogs or cats are allergic to seafood, DO NOT USE it. Consult a nearest DVM if symptoms persist. Be kind to animals. Yours truly, Jon D. DVM.

What dosage of Betadine is dangerous when taken orally?

Betadine is a topical antiseptic that is widely used to sanitize the skin, especially before a surgical procedure involving the cutting of the skin. It has occasional use as a topical treatment for oral infections. It should NOT be swallowed like an oral medicine, and in that sense should NOT be taken orally.

Do you capitalize betadine?


Can rubbing alcohol give you a rash after donating blood?

You are most likely allergic to the betadine that that they use to sterilize the area before giving blood. Try using some anti-itch cream on the area for a couple of days. If this is not the case, it may be an allergic reaction to the co-ban that they put on your arm after you donate, next time try asking for a band-aid instead and see if this helps any.

Does betadine have alcohol in it?

No, Betadine does not contain Alcohol.

What is the purpose of iodine or betadine in a first aid kit?

Betadine and iodine are antiseptic microbicides used for wound cleansing and sterilization. It is often used as a replacement for or in conjunction with hydrogen peroxide. The solution's active ingredient is povidone iodine, typically at a 10% concentration with a small number of inactive additives. It can be used 1-3 times daily for the treatment of minor cuts, scrapes, burns, etc.