Oviducts are also called

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fallopian tubes

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Q: Oviducts are also called
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Related questions

Do humans have oviducts?

yes they are called fallopian tubes

What is another name for fallopian tube and ovaries?

The fallopian tubes may also be called the oviducts. The ovaries may also be called the female gonads.

What are the functions of the oviducts?

The oviducts carry the egg cell from the ovary to the uterus.

HOW Cilia in the oviducts push eggs towards the womb why are they needed?

Because the baby would not develop properly in the oviducts as it is covered in a jelly substance. Also the womb is warm . thankyouu

How are the uterine tubes and oviducts different in a cat than a human?

A cat's uterine tubes are different from a human's in that they are shorter and wider. Also, oviducts is another term for uterine tubes.

Do male frogs have oviducts?

Male frogs do have oviducts, but they are vestigial and serve no actual purpose in reproduction.

Where oocyte are fertilize?

In humans, oocytes are typically fertilized in the fallopian tubes. These tubes are also known as oviducts.

Where are the oviducts located?

The oviducts are located in the ventral caudal abdomen, connecting the ovaries to the uterine body or horns, depending on the species.

Are ovaries and oviducts directly connected?


What is another name for the fallopian tube?

another name for the fallopian tubes is go to and find it :pI did that! The result is this...Fallopian tubes, also known as oviducts, uterine tubes, and salpinges (singularsalpinx)Source:~

What is the job of the oviducts?

The oviducts job is to transport the eggs to meet the sperm, so they travel through the oviduct to get there every month or whenever your period is.

What do the oviducts do?

`the tests tubes transport the ovum from the?

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