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Q: Overall condition of body and mind and the presence of absence and illness and injury is called?
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The meaning of symptoms?

A symptom is a physical or mental manifestation that indicates the presence of a condition/illness.

What is an aeger?

An aeger is an excused absence from classes due to illness, or a note excusing such absence.

Example of excuse letter for absence due to illness?

If you need an excuse letter for an absence due to an illness, it should be short. The letter should state what days the excuse is for, be dated, and also signed.

What is an abulia?

An abulia is the absence of willpower or decisiveness, as a sympton of a mental illness.

Can disease exist in the absence of illness?

Yes. Take in account Hepatitis. It's a disease, but someone could be perfectly healthy otherwise. If someone has the flu at the same time that would be another story. Disease and illness are two different things. Also, an example is mental illness. This is an *illness* while hepatitis is a *disease*. So, yes, disease CAN exist in the absence of illness.

Is autism a condition or a illness?


How do you define illness?

Illness is an unhealthy condition; poor health; indisposition; sickness.

Is alcoholism a illness or a weakness?

weakness to a certain degree. if it is a serious condition, it then becomes a illness.

What condition has the potential to cause injury illness or death of persons?

A condition that has the potential to cause injury, illness or death of persons can be a hazardous or dangerous environment, such as a fire, chemical spill, natural disaster, or a contagious disease outbreak. It can also include situations where there is a lack of safety precautions or protective measures in place, such as unsafe work conditions or unprotected exposure to harmful substances. Overall, any situation that poses a significant risk to human life and well-being can potentially result in injury, illness, or death.

What illness is A D D?

attention deficit disorder may be a condition rather than an illness

What other names are there for disease?

Condition Infection Illness.

What is a 7 letter word for ailment?