Other ways to say i love you?

Updated: 9/7/2023
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You can say you have really strong feelings for the other person.

I do not agree. When you say "I love you," you are notsaying that you have strong feelings for them. It's much, much more. Those 3 little words are HUGE! There is no other way to say "I love you," than saying "I love you," because nothing matches how meaningful it is.


I agree - there are no other words to match "I love you." You can show your love in many different ways but there is no comparison to those three very special words.

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5 ways to say i love you

1. Baby you are so specail to me.... I love you.

2. Guess wat? I love you!!!!!

3. Hey sweetie can I tell you something so important.... I LOVE YOU!

4. Leave a card under her pillow saying I LOVE YOU BABY!


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Q: Other ways to say i love you?
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There are an infinite number of "101 ways." Simply name something, and then come up with 101 ways to do it, say it, feel it, etc... 1. You're my everything

How can you say I love you in other ways?

By spending time with the person you love. Flowers and other objects related to love and romance would be appropriate to give as a gift to the one you love.

How 2 say i love you?

you say i love you in different ways to your family members and to your realtionships you have to meen on what your about to say an "I LOVE YOU!"

How many ways are there to say love in the eskimo language?

There are 32 ways.

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HE/ SHE IS MY One and Only Love, but people say it alot more different ways that how they want to.

Can just friends say they love each other?

yes there is many was to love someone . You can love someone as having a stroung connection but that dose not mean it's physacail . I love my friend in diffent ways so yes .

What is the best love and why?

feeling because when you feel love you can have it in other ways!

How many ways are there to say love in greek?

Agapi : Love αγάπη se agapo. :I love you Σε αγαπώ

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other way to say "to be continued"

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Ways you can say I love you?

You go to their house and tell them face to face.

How many ways can you say i love you?

none there is more than one