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It's not a '5' it's an 's' and its called a skittle

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Q: Orange pill with a 5 on one side?
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What drug is in a small round pill and marked 625 eth?

The small round orange colored pill with the imprint ETH in one side and 625 on the other side is 5 mg of the drug oxycodone.

Light orange round pill 625 1 side ETH score line other side?

The pill contains 5 mg of Oxycodone.

Pill with a m on one side and 05.52 on the other?

its 5 melagam of Roxy oxycodone

What pill has v on one side and 48 and 10 othe other side?

its the generic oxycodone 5 mg.

What is an oval blue pill with 146- over 9 on one side and a 5 on the other what is it?

its not 146 over 9 and 5 on the other. It's "b" "971". You have it upside down. blue pill. oval. slashes on each side.

What is it round white pill with APO on one side and 5 over 325 on the other side?

Generic Ultram

What is Pill 54899?

According to's Pill Identifier, a round, yellow tablet with 'DAN 5619' imprinted on one side and '5' imprinted on the other is Diazepam 5mg.

What kind of pill is a round white tablet and on one side it says ENDO 602 and on the other side it has a score mark?

Endocet 5/325mg

What is the name of round white pill with number 512 on one side and a slit on the other side?

oxycodone/apap 5/325mg.... or generic percocet

What is pill number 44615 used for?

There is a capsule-shaped orange tablet with the imprint '44615' on one side and nothing on the other. If this sounds like your pill, it could be a multi-symptom cold and sinus containing Acetaminophen/guaifenesin/phenylephrine acetaminophen 325 mg / guaifenesin 200 mg / phenylephrine HCl 5 mg. Verify this with you doctor or pharmacist.

What pill is round blue no coating with x scored on one side and some type of imprint ending with 25 or 5 as the last digit.?

There is a blue round tablet with 'U25' on one side and score marks on the other in the shape of an 'X'. If that sounds like your pill, it could contain Amphetamine and dextroamphetamine 5 mg. You should verify this with your doctor or pharmacist. Since the description is not complete, the pill could be different from what I found.

What is a pink pill with m on one side?

It is most likely a .5 mg alprazolam (xanax) tablet..the M stands for MYLAN