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Self-centered, selfish, self-absorbed.

(... or my ex wife) ;)

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Q: One word for someone who doesnt care for others feelings?
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What kind of liar gets people in trouble?

a person who has no respect for others and their feelings and doesnt care if he or she gets in trouble

Why is fermin so racist?

Because he is a tiny racist individual who doesnt care about the feelings of others. He also has a very tiny "member".

How do you know when you have feelings for someone?

U will be nice to them or u will stare at him or her alot

One word for someone who doesnt care for her lover?


What does it mean when he doesnt want to please you?

He is selfish and really doesn't care about you. Find someone who does care.

What do you do if your boyfriends don't like you and he doesn't stand up for the relationship?

leave him! he obviously doesnt care about you or your feelings. find someone else who does.

Should you make amends with a sociopath?

No. It doesn't mean anything to him/her. That is what makes them what they are . They have no feelings for others and they don't care about others.

What if your boyfriend of 18 months broke up with you last month and he is already gone on 2 dates with someone is there any chance for you getting him back?

Forget it... he is a player and he doesnt care about your feelings. You deserve so much better then him.

What does anifa mean?

a beatiful,pretty girl with a mind of her own doesnt care what others think of her

How can I tell that my baby daddy has moved on to someone new?

when he doesnt care for you or your baby anymore.

What is the difference between dislike and disrespect?

When you dislike someone you don't show feelings for them. When you disrespect someone you don't show care for them.

What do you do if you still care about your ex-boyfriend and there are still feelings between you but now he has a new girlfriend that he doesn't care about?

It's obvious this type of guy is unable to have a full relationship. If there are feelings between you then he should either acknowledge them or be straight with you. He obviously doesnt care about you. Move on, move up. Kick him out of your heart.