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The ability to make tools.

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Q: One of the basic distinguishing features of human beings is?
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What does human charactoristics mean?

Human characteristics refer to traits, behaviors, or features that are unique to human beings, distinguishing them from other animals. These characteristics can include complex language abilities, advanced problem-solving skills, emotional intelligence, cultural practices, and varied forms of social organization.

Name the basic needs of human beings fulfilled by our planet?

All of them.

What are the five features of a computer that make it more productive than human beings?

write the five features of computer that more productive than a human being?

What are the features of business ethics?

1) it deals with human beings 2) it is a normative science

What are features of business ethics?

1) it deals with human beings 2) it is a normative science

What are the needs of human beings?

The basic need if a human being is food, shelter and clothing. These are things that he cannot survive without.

Why is advertising immoral?

Advertising creates needs or wants in a world where the basic human needs have not been met for most human beings.

What does calture mean?

Describes the many ways in which human beings express themselves for the purposes of uniting with others, forming a group, defining an identity, and even for distinguishing themselves as unique:

What is the basic theme of Confucianism?

The basic theme of Confucianism is respect and caring for fellow human beings. A believer of Confucianism should always try to be altruistic and selfless.

Theme about the paying calls poem?

Change, aging and death are natural to human beings and they have to be accepted as the natural features of life.

What is the meaning of nature in general?

the basic features of earth, like landscape, as opposing to human

Are human beings real?

Yes, human beings are real.